KASSL is a single-product fashion brand devoted to manufacturing the perfect, everlasting coat in a democratic cut. The authentic fisherman’s coat has been reinvented by a collective of fashion-literate friends from around Europe. Working closely with an expert manufacturer from the central German city of Kassel, they have realised the fashion potential of this utility staple, creating a timely womenswear label. With each fashion season, KASSL presents fresh editions of its distinctive coat.

A counterpoint to an era of excess and overproduction, KASSL coats are meticulously handmade to last a lifetime or longer. Each KASSL coat is born in Kassel, the city best known for its Documenta contemporary art festival. Manufacturer Josef Koch’s respected family business supplies the German national fire brigade and the retailer Manufactum with near-indestructible utility wear. The KASSL coat has glued seams and back vents, making it water repellent and breathable. Original functional details include buttons that fasten with metal rings so that they never fall.