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by Angelique Janssen

Angelique Janssen, a passionate web designer and esthete, born and raised on Aruba, currently living in Amsterdam. Angelique integrates her impeccable personal style into the large variety of projects she takes on. Currently working mostly with Amsterdam-based and female-owned brands and projects, she takes energy from collaborating with an eclectic range of individuals and organizations. Discover Angelique’s unique perspective on life and her surroundings. 


“I have been on the lookout for a perfect everyday tote bag and the the new Tote shoulder oil in bordeaux fits all my criteria; big enough to fit my laptop, rainproof and I'm even able to sling it around my body as a crossbody!”

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Tote shoulder oil bordeaux

One size


“All of the murals by Le Corbusier in Eileen Grey's E-1027 house. This house in general encapsulates my future dream house; somewhere close to the sea, the way the interior has been done is completely up my alley, and the murals by Le Corbusier are the perfect addition to the materials of the house and furniture pieces.

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“Aruba, the place where I grew up, my first and forever home.”

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“These bowls by Eddy Varekamp. We stumbled upon them while walking around the neighbourhood during Christmas. Initially we were on a search for gifts for others, but ended up returning home only buying these for ourselves, hehe..”

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“Anything by Jamiroquai, but at the moment Space Cowboy hits the spot for me every morning!”

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“Those few hours, after you get back home from being at the beach all day long... sandy and salty, but then take a shower and a lil nap before dinner. Uff! The best.”

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Original hip trench navy

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