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by Amy Pham Thi

Amy Pham Thi, born in Berlin to Vietnamese parents, is the founder of the vintage showroom Nhỏgirl. She has crafted a distinct and recognizable aesthetic for both Nhỏgirl and herself, gaining widespread attention online. Her visual identity is rooted in capturing real-life moments, seamlessly blending fashion with her everyday reality. This authentic approach not only showcases glimpses of her life but also highlights human connections, emotions, and behind-the-scenes moments at Nhỏgirl.


“The Original hip oil black became such a staple in my wardrobe. Even on rainy days I look chic now, I love that.”

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Original hip oil black

34 36 38 40


“Stacks on a Sunday for brunch is my place to go. Don‘t leave that place without ordering the buttermilk glazed sourdough donut!”

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“My favorite song at the moment is Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Bladee, Ecco2k. I’m obsessed with Drain Gang rn.”


“This Kate Moss painting is my favorite piece in the nhogirl store. My boyfriend found it at Kringloop years ago.”

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“I got these local metal cups from Thailand. I love how simple they’re. It’s my favorite souvenir I brought back from holiday.”

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Balloon trousers oil black

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“The most important time is the time right now.”