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by Gijsje Ribbens

On the occasion of Dutch mother's day, KASSL Editions reached out to Gijsje Ribbens, currently on maternity leave after welcoming her second son Benny, to share her current Edit with us.

Gijsje Ribbens - mother of Koos and Benny - works as a creative director, stylist and brand consultant, creating visual concepts in the realms of fashion, design and art. While playing a pivotal role at Kassl as the brand’s Image Director since day 1, Gijsje also started RiRa, her own brand of cheerful interior design objects.


“It is rare to see me without a Kassl bag - the Baby bag for stroller-moments, the Slim or Anchor when I go out, the Pillow for work… I’m a true fan and collector. My boyfriend sighs when a new one enters the household.”

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Pillow large black

One size
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“Among the coats my all time favorite is the Rubber Original - it makes the gym leggings and trainers (aka the newborn-baby-look) look like something refined.”

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“The Liquidish by Vincent de Rijk for my design platform RiRa - still one of the most beautiful objects to place in your home as the material, shape and colours remain strangely hypnotising.”

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“My boyfriend has the best taste in music and always introduces me to unexpected great songs in a huge variety of genres. Both him and I and our 4-y-o son love driving our car while listening to Motörhead’s ‘Sword of Glory’.”


“Seeing ‘Thanx 4 Nothing’ at Palais de Tokyo in ’15 performed by the late John Giorno on film was SO drop dead beautiful. But it's so hard to choose! Only recently Lily van der Stokker was kind enough to lend one of her works for the birth card of our newborn son Benny, so this work is now very dear to me too.”

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Original kids rubber khaki


Mom moment

“My 4-y-o son Koos calls himself a ‘kletskous’ - a chatterbox, and he is. Conversing with him is so much fun, and every bus ride or walk to the baker is adventurous as he chats up with about anyone.”

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Children's book

“Anything by Roald Dahl, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and ‘Revolting Rhymes’ are my all time favourites. And The Little Red Riding Hood in her wolfskin coat is just great.”

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“A place that truly impressed me was Sammlung Philara in Düsseldorf, everything from the walk there to the courtyard, the neon sign, the building and the sculpture garden on the rooftop were all super beautiful. I also love Restaurant Hartering in Amsterdam.”