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by Dennis Vanderbroeck

Together with his studio, Dennis Vanderbroeck works on spatial design projects in the realm of theater, fashion and fine art. Through his hyper aesthetic visual language Dennis creates physical spaces in which a dialogue between the designed space and the visitor is key. Dennis lives in Antwerp, his studio is located in Rotterdam, he is married, still sucks his thumb and is notably tall.


“The Original above oil black. The sound it makes while wearing it comforts me. The second favourite is the Pillow large oil black, I feel like Mary f* Poppins.”

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Original above oil black

36 38 40


“The wedding rings my mother gifted us the wedding rings from my grandparents, we got them remade into ours. The cloth I use to fall asleep with. No further details needed.”

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“Blue by Derek Jarman. A true masterpiece. The forever answer Leap into the Void by Yves Klein. Whenever I need some courage I look at Klein’s leap.”

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Pillow large black

One size


“My car: if I have a deadline, if I am lost, if I seek inspiration, If I need to think, I just simply start to drive.”

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“Forever More by Moloko. That choreo in the tunnel is everything.”

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“That brief morning moment before the world wakes up.”

Tote canvas black / oil green

One size