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by Veerle Formannoij

Veerle Formannoij, works as an image director and set designer creating still life images. Obsessed with visual language, she is passionate about books, magazines and anything in print really. Veerle works and plays around with jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and everyday objects.


“My Pillow bag in white, it has a good shape because of the puffiness, also it's practical and I love how the white gets a bit dirty over time.”

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Pillow small oil white

CHF 225.00 CHF 400.00
One size
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“Books are favorite objects of mine, they bring me lots of joy just flipping through them, I mostly collect books and magazines on art, photography and fashion. This one is one of my latest purchases and is a beautiful secon hand book with work by Claes Oldenburg, it has big glossy pictures inside and an amazing cover design.”

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“This is impossible, but if I had to choose I'd go for something that always makes me cry, which is either bagpipes (!?) or organ music. Camille Saint-Saëns' Symphony Le Carnaval des Animaux makes me weak inside! It's very bombastic though, you can't listen to that too often.”

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“One of Gotthard Graubner's huge Pillow canvases, their colors are very dreamy, they have a magnetising effect on me. A John Giorno Silkscreen poem would just be as spectacular or a canvas by Michel Majerus for all his great use of color, references and playfulness.”

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“Art fair or bookshop. Hard to pick one. Both are fantastic, to wonder around in, to be surprised by and can dream or think about for days and days after.”