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by Conie Vallese

Conie Vallese, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, living between New York and Europe. Conie is a multi-disciplinary artist who expresses her creativity through design, decorative bronze objects, textile and ceramics. Her unique eye, aesthetics and charisma have drawn the attention of the fashion, design an art scenes. Meet a woman who never ceases to inspire us.


“My KASSL rubber shell and the classic trench coat in beige. I appreciate the attention to detail to each of them, the lines and structure and the beautiful pallets. They add elegance yet a laid back look to any outfit.”

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Original below rubber shell

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36 38 40


“The bronze chair I designed recently during a residency at Fonderia Battaglia in Milano.”

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“A tango. Oblivion by Astor Piazzola. Or Muchacha Ojos de Papel by Luis Alberto Spinetta. I also love You And Me by Penny & The Quarters.”


“Anything by Louise Bourgeois.”

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Anchor small lacquer cotton navy

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One size


“The ocean. The Marino Marini Museum in Italy. The Chillida-Leku museum in Spain. The North of Argentina, especially Jujuy and Salta and Patagonia.”

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“Every second. I love this quote by Gaston Bachelard: ‘The point is to become aware that the immediate experience of time is not the experience of duration but rather the sober experience of the instant, apprehended in its immobility. All that is simple and strong in us, even all that is enduring, is the fit of an instant.”

Oversized padded bomber oil black

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34 36 38 40